The Culture Cove – Supporting Creation

The Culture Cove - Supporting CreationThis is the start of a new programme, focusing on promoting fresh and exciting talent in the cultural world!

I know from personal experience that the best work is made when supported by others – I never would have created The Culture Cove without the support of friends and fellow students during my time at university! The Supporting Creation initiative aims to give creative minds a chance to not only gain extra coverage for their work, but also gain from the collaboration of minds as passionate about culture as yours!

Maybe you’ve got an idea for a story you want to share. Maybe you write novels and want to show them to the world, or you want to show off your musical talents to a larger audience. Whether you are anything from a budding director to a YouTube gamer – we want to support you!

Not only do we have a strong base of followers with an interest in what you’re doing, we also have marketing expertise that could take your work to the next level, or get your work off to a flying start.

Get in contact with us at with the subject header ‘Supporting Creation’ and we will not only show off your work, but will help you improve on it and promote your work to a wider audience!

The Culture Cove – Supporting Creation

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