The Three Keys to my Perfect Film

clapboard-34049_640These are the three broad things I would want to see in my perfect movie.


My perfect movie has to keep you on your toes – metaphorically. Movie people talk a lot about ‘taking you on a journey’, well whenever I go on a family journey it’s the ones where you get lost on the way that you remember. The perfect movie doesn’t necessarily have to lose the audience, but sending them down the wrong path creates more emotion than when the audience know what’s going to happen from the get go.


The audience has to be able to connect strongly to the lead characters. The more the audience can relate to them, the more they will feel what the character feels – as if it is them in that position. Again, it’s about creating emotion in the viewer.


Without trying to sound cliché, film is at the end of the day an art form, and should behave as such. How it achieves that can happen in different ways. For a Sci-Fi film this may be achieved by strong colours and big visuals. For a gritty crime movie it might be how real it can make the action come across. Sounds need to be taken into account as well, and any perfect movie needs a good score behind it.

It is fairly easy for most movies to hit these targets to some extent. It’s how hard they hit them that distances a good film from the perfect film.

Anything I may have missed out? Reply to me below!

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