In Your Eyes (2014) – Film Review

In Your EyesIn Your Eyes (2014) poster

Starring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David

Directed by Brin Hill – Written by Josh Whedon

IMDB Rating: 7.2

This is a film I had no idea existed until earlier this week. I stumbled upon it while looing at what other films were out and gave it a look. The second I read the description I knew I had to watch this movie. It was such an interesting concept to build a movie and particularly a romance around.

Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) is the soft-spoken, stay at home wife of a successful doctor, living on the frozen east-coast. Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) is an ex-con trying to piece his life together in arid New Mexico after serving his time in prison. These two polar-opposites share a peculiar connection where they can share each others senses – meaning they can see, hear, smell and feel what the other can. As they start to work out what’s happening they start to give more of their time and lives to each other, creating a wonderful connection but also causing problems in their individual lives.

Credit must go to Josh Whedon for creating this wonderful concept. The idea that two complete strangers could have an almost telepathic relationship is ingenious and I think the relationship between the two develops very naturally. None of how they feel to each other feels forced or unexpected and for me that is very important in any romance movie. Obviously there is some flaws – for example how did they not realise who they were when they were kids, when someone’s imagination runs more free? – but when making a movie with such an outlandish idea that’s going to happen and is easily overlooked. After a while, the concept does start to wear off and interest in it can be lost, but their individual lives are quite interesting in themselves.

When it comes to acting performances, there was none that were spectacular. If I had to pick one of the leads over the other I would say Zoe Kazan was the better, but she did have more screen time than Michael.

Putting an idea like this onto paper is one thing, bringing it to the screen is something else. To portray visually two people sharing each others senses must have been a huge challenge for Brin Hill but I thought it was done brilliantly. Especially when it came to seeing what the other could see, and the idea that the characters could focus in and out of the two worlds, I thought that it was displayed perfectly – a little bit of it can be seen in the trailer above. There was also a few jumpy moments, something I didn’t expect to see in this movie.

Overall this was a very interesting, thoughtful and unique (as far as I know) movie and one I would recommend to all sci-fi/fantasy romance fans.

Can you think of any movies along these lines? If so, let me know!

Would you want to have the ability to share your senses with a complete stranger of the opposite sex? Vote in our poll!

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