Bloc Party – Banquet: This Weeks Music

Bloc Party are an indie-rock band from Britain, created in 1999 by lead singer Kele Okereke and lead guitarist Russell Lissack. They have spent much of their career as a four-piece but went down to three in 2013 after drummer Matt Tong’s exit. Their first album, Silent Alarm, was released in 2005 to critical acclaim and indie awards followed. On the first album was the single Banquet, reaching the top 20 in the UK and being credited as their breakthrough song in North America.

A song with a rock feel but light vocals, Banquet is something that spreads over a few genres. Some people will see this as a fairly quiet song with the vocals and melodic tone that flutters along in the background – but some will see this as a strong indie song with the constant guitar and the sharpness of Okereke’s voice. Depending on what you’re used to listening to and what you pay attention to in a song will change what your experience is with this track. This is also a song that, according to Kele, is written about sex – see if you can notice…

Other songs I recommend you listen to are Flux, Helicopter and Ratchet – the last two particularly are more towards the rock genre than this song.

Have a great week!

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