Sin City (2005) – Film Review

Frank Miller’s Sin CitySin City

Starring Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood

Directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller

IMDB Rating: 8.1

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A unique movie that brings Miller’s graphic comics to the screen while losing none of it’s essence. Gloomy colours, unique shots and over-the-top dialogue make this a must see film!

A layered movie looking at three intertwining stories in Basin City. Hartigan (Willis), a retiring cop, risks everything to save young child Nancy (Alba) from a paedophile. Marv (Rourke) is on a manhunt, looking for the man who killed his hooker/lover Goldie. Meanwhile, Dwight (Owen) ends up in the middle of a murder which might bring to an end the truce between the cops of Basin City and the girls of Old Towne, sparking all out war.

Frank Miller's Sin City

A page from the graphic novel ‘Sin City’ by Frank Miller.

Ignoring the visuals that make this film what it is, the story itself is engaging in it’s brutality more than anything else. The layered story is clever and gives us more of a look around the world of Sin City. Though for me it’s not the story, it’s the people of Basin City that make it exciting. It is pure evil, like popular video-game Grand Theft Auto but worse – and when surrounded by so much evil the audience end up rooting for it. The way the characters narrate over themselves also gives the film a fantastical feel, like it still belongs in the pages it’s taken from. But it goes without saying that the unique selling point for Sin City is the colour – or lack of it. Sin City is nearly all black and white, but not black and white as in olden-days films, deep dark black and bright shining white, sharp contrasts. The colours make the film more dark, more evil than the characters made it already – and that is where its success lies.

The three main male actors – Rourke, Owen and Willis – all perform exceptionally in their lead roles. They have to strike a balance between being the cruel, merciless killers and the bold, strong heroines. One moment torturing someone and the next listing off a line more at home in a book than a screen. They all perform with a strange grace that you wouldn’t see in other crime/thriller movies.

The colours in this film are all well and good, but without the shots they would almost be meaningless. Thankfully, Rodriguez – with the help of Frank Miller – shoots this film perfectly. Many of the angles used in this film look like angles used in comic books, unnaturally high or far away from the action, or moving in unrealistic ways which keep reminding you that this isn’t a movie – it’s a graphic novel.

Sin City is a brilliant movie, purely for its uniqueness. Not one for the faint-hearted, but if you can look past the evil and the blood then this is an awesome movie!

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I hope to have a review of Sin City 2 up next week, so keep up with The Culture Cove for news of that!

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