2015 Oscars and BAFTAs – The Review

Well, there we have it. The outfits have been hung up and the hangover’s are being worn off by Hollywood’s finest at the end of another exciting awards season full of delight, surprises, emotional speeches and goofs that we will be talking about this time next year (‘hey, you remember when Barney Stinson was in just his pants on stage!?’).

We will look back at the results from Sunday night in the big categories, and compare what happened to our predictions made just over a month ago. We will also have a look at the UK BAFTA winners, although that was a few weeks ago now.

Note: BAFTA winners and predictions are in brackets.

See what we predicted here!

Best Film – Birdman (Boyhood)BN-HB610_BESTPI_G_20150223001853
My prediction: Boyhood (Boyhood)

Now, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to call this wrong! Birdman is a very good film without a shadow of a doubt – and a worthy winner of an Oscar – however in my list of potential winners it was probably tied with The Imitation Game in third, behind The Theory of Everything and Boyhood so for it to win the biggest prize there is (and the majority of the minor gongs) is quite a refreshing surprise! I still stand by Linklater and I think that Boyhood has a right to feel aggrieved that they only ended up taking home one Oscar, but for a film that is really a comedy, and the only film on the list to have a true comedic edge to it to win the top prize in cinema is nothing short of remarkable – and will hopefully lead to more films that make us laugh getting the praise that they deserve, because I feel any film that isn’t trying to be dramatic or emotional is immediately overlooked. To make people laugh is one of the hardest things to do, so don’t underestimate comedies!

257AD64500000578-2945026-image-m-55_1423433501669Best Original Screenplay – Birdman (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
My Prediction: Birdman (Birdman)

Again, I first expected Boyhood to win this award due to its originality, but changed my mind after seeing Birdman win both the Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice awards in this category. The Oscars by and large follow a similar pattern to other awards ceremonies so it’s no surprise really that Birdman won the award here. On the other side of the pond, Wes Anderson took home the BAFTA for The Grand Budapest Hotel‘s screenplay. This is a film that I’m a big fan of and I’m very pleased to see it get rewarded!

graham_moore_oscarsBest Adapted Screenplay – The Imitation Game (The Theory of Everything)
My Prediction – The Theory of Everything (The Theory of Everything)

For all the talk about the leading actor battle between Redmayne and Cumberbatch – turns out there was an even closer battle between their two films in this category! While I expected The Theory of Everything to do well here, I didn’t see The Imitation Game to win the Oscar – especially having been beaten for the BAFTA. I thought that all the hype that surrounded The Imitation Game would have been quelled by the equally big wave of support obtained by The Theory of Everything, which was released at a later date, almost overshadowing Cumberbatch’s exploits earlier last year. However, it has just about pulled through to win the gong ahead of it’s rival – in this category anyway!

Eddie RedmayneBest Actor – Eddie Redmayne (Eddie Redmayne)
My prediction: Eddie Redmayne (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Redmayne has completely cleaned up this year! He has blown away all competition in this category, walking away with a Globe, BAFTA and Oscar! For all the hype surrounding the battle of the Brits, Redmayne and Cumberbatch, turns out there wasn’t really much competition at all.

Best Supporting Actor – JK Simmons (JK Simmons)JK Simmons Oscars 2015
My Prediction: JK Simmons (JK Simmons)

If you thought the chase for Best Actor seemed boring, then you haven’t seen nothing yet! In what has to be one of the most one sided major awards in a long time JK Simmons has won by a landslide for his performance in Whiplash. This category was so predictable I couldn’t even tell you off the top of my head who the other nominees were, all eyes were on one man, the undoubted and unchallengeable winner and one of my favourite performances from last year.

BAFTA-Awards-2015-winners Julianne MooreBest Actress – Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore)
My Prediction: Julianne Moore (Felicity Jones)

Another category with an air of predictability about it – Julianne Moore has won a Globe, BAFTA and Oscar for her starring role in Still Alice. I must say that I thought Felicity Jones would leave with the BAFTA, due to the hype surrounding The Theory of Everything and it being a British award, however the second Julianne Moore was announced in London it was obvious that she was the one all the critics were looking at, and as such is a deserved – and expected – winner of the Oscar.

150222220449-06-oscars-moments-2015-super-169Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette (Patricia Arquette)
My Prediction – Patricia Arquette (Keira Knightley)

Patricia Arquette in Boyhood rounds off the quite depressing list of winners – with all four winners taking home Globes, BAFTAs and Oscars. I was clutching at straws with Knightley, just hoping someone would win other than the main four, but it wasn’t to be. That shouldn’t take away from any of the winners performances though, including Arquette’s in this film – I guess it’s my sporting background that makes me want to see these big awards be competitive and not all be dominated by a select few.

My score: 5/7 Oscars – 3/7 BAFTAs

Who’d have thought it? The Brit is better at predicting American awards than British ones! I don’t think I’ve done that bad personally with my predictions, if you truly got all of them right then you’ll have to let me know! All in all it’s another year full of amazing films and performances, all winners worthy of the awards they have received.

Other noteable winners:

The LEGO Movie won best animated film at the BAFTAs!

CitezenFour won best documentary in both the UK and USA.

Ida won best non-English film in both countries.

The Grand Budapest Hotel won best make-up and hair, and best costume design, in the UK and US.

Anything you think the awards have missed? Are Boyhood hard done by, or were they just too reliant on the whole years in the making point? If you have anything to say, let us know!

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