Inside Out (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

The latest offering from the wonderfully creative minds of Disney/Pixar – Inside Out looks set to be a potential classic.

The film centres on a young girl called Riley – or more accurately, her emotions. Her dad gets a job in San Francisco, forcing the family to uproot from their Midwest home and start anew. As the young Riley tries to settle into her new life, the film centres around her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – personified in her mind. Joy struggles to keep control as Riley moves to new territories, with each emotion having a different idea on how to deal with the change.

There is a spark of magic in this film – a common trait with Disney movies, but there’s something that makes me think this can do better than most. I think the raw originality of the idea, looking at the cogs turning in our heads, is awesome – especially considering we don’t fully understand it ourselves! It’s the type of story that will keep people talking long after the film.

The story is primarily created by Pete Docter, the same guy who came up with Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Up, so you naturally expect good things from Inside Out. Also, although it’s not really that important, there’s a strong cast to the film, with Amy Poehler playing Joy, Mindy Kaling (star of The Mindy Project) as Disgust and Bill Hader as Fear.

The film is released on 19th June in the USA, but not released until 24th July in the UK for reasons I don’t understand (probably marketing). This will undoubtedly pull a big crowd and will smash the box-office. Possibly even the biggest U/PG Rated (or whatever the kids ratings are in the USA) film of the year?

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