Paper Towns (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Off the back of the success of The Fault in our Stars, author John Green is having another of his successful teen-romance novels adapted for the big screen – step up Paper Towns.

Quentin (Nat Wolff – Isaac in TFIOS) has feelings for the beautiful girl next door, Margo (Cara Delevingne). He is not only attracted to her looks but to the exciting, adventurous life she lives. He is a stranger to her, but one night, Margo asks for Quentin’s help in a revenge plot against her cheating ex boyfriend. They roam the streets getting her revenge and become close to each other, strengthening Quentin’s feelings towards her. However, next morning she is reported missing, leaving Quentin as the last person to see her before her mysterious disappearance. Margo leave little clues dotted about for him, leading him and his friends on a chase for the mysterious girl.

Although there is no exciting cast members to bring the public in (maybe Delevingne?), it is likely that 90% of the audience of The Fault in our Stars will have either read this book and be excited for the film, or seen that and will see this as a result. This could be a great platform for these young, relatively unknown actors to make a real name for themselves – especially Wolff after what I hear was a good performance in TFIOS. Again this sounds like a very interesting, character centred story by John Green, if a little too candy-sweet for my taste.

Set for release on 24th July in the US, and 21st August in the UK, I would personally be surprised if this was to beat The Fault in our Stars in terms of box-office numbers, mainly due to the names involved doing nothing to sell the piece to the audience. Also, this looks even more sweet than John Green’s previous adaptation, and if it is marketed like that then it is likely to put off a lot of people who aren’t already fans of John Green’s work.

I’m interested to hear how the books compare to each other – anyone read both of them? If so, we would love it if you would let us know in the comments how they measure up!

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