Child 44 (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Based on the successful novel by Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 stars Tom Hardy as Leo Demidov, a pro-Stalin security officer in Soviet Russia who investigates a series of child deaths. The Soviet state dismisses the idea that someone is murdering kids, and completely writes off the entire notion of serial killers. Demidov though believes the kids have been killed, and as a result is demoted and exiled from the Soviet forces, but decides to continue searching into these cases with the help of his wife (Noomi Rapace).

This might not sound like that great a film but you’ve got to hear it out! I must admit that my plot description is probably not that great, I don’t really know the film that much but I do know that the book by Smith was really successful and has a strong following going into it’s release. Way too many films are book adaptations these days but there’s a reason behind that – the stories usually have great depth and strong characters, so the hard work for these film producers has been done already. Expect this film to have strong characters, otherwise esteemed actors such as Hardy, Rapace, Charles Dance, Vincent Cassel wouldn’t have been interested.

It is worth noting that this is the first in a trilogy of books, and with Summit Entertainment at the helm – producers of many other stretched film series such as Divergent (another novel trilogy), RED (3 films), Step Up (4 films), The Twilight Saga (novel trilogy) – it is likely that this will be around for a few years, so long as this first one is a success.

Set for release on 17th April (next Friday) I think that this can be an unexpected success so long as it is publicised over the next week or so. On the face of it I’m not sure there’s much interest in a Soviet Russia set film, not for me anyway, but I’m reliably assured that there’s a really good, really deep story behind it. Add to that a list of strong, respected actors and this could do really well!

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