Matt & Kim – New Glow (Album Review)

Duo Matt & Kim are best known for putting out feel good songs that have the ability to make you dance. These songs have been big in the indie world and now they further explore their classic sound with the album, “New Glow.” This is there first album in three years which is the longest break they’ve had, but Matt & Kim definitely didn’t disappoint with this fifth album.

Opening track “Hey Now” is a fun EDM vibe song with Matt’s vocals shining front and center. The lyrics aren’t really all that complex in this one, he just seems to be singing whatever he feels. It seems like the music and dancing around is the main focus. It’s a great opening because it has such a catchy sound, like pretty much all of this duo’s songs are.

“Hoodie On” has a more R&B type vibe due to the bass and opening riffs. It gradually progresses into a more traditional Matt & Kim song because it has that dance/indie sound that they are known for. The lyrics are extremely silly and a little bit repetitive. If you can handle the lyrics, “I dress to impress with my hoodie on,” plus about 10 other scenarios about putting a hoodie on repeated a billion times, this song is for you.

“Get It” is the lead single from this album and it’s not hard to see why. It’s not hard to get these lyrics stuck in your head from the remainder of the day. “We all see along, but the notes are wrong,” is the brilliant lyrics, simple but not annoyingly so. The song is fairly straight to the point. In general, it leans towards the vibrant theme of their hit song, “Daylight” except not in a way that makes it feel exactly the same. They bring a new edge to this one that isn’t present in “Daylight” which makes the duo all the more interesting and worth listening to.

“Through the dust and dirt, see what we’re worth,” is a line from the obviously upbeat and optimistic tone of “Not Alone.” This one definitely reminded me of the previously mentioned hit “Daylight,” especially the beginning. It has sweet lyrics, and continues the theme of Matt & Kim being absolutely adorable and quirky. It’s hard not to love the optimism but it is easy to get tired of it.

I had to include song, “I See Ya” because it’s different from any other Matt & Kim song. Like I said in my last comment, they can get a little overwhelmingly chipper so it’s nice to see some different emotion present on the final track of this album. Matt sounds a little nostalgic, and also sad. The song is filled with him singing about how he misses his family and friends. This emotion is extremely embraced, especially due to how much he and Kim have been on the road since the last album released. This type of song shows their growth as artists as they try out new types of songs. Side note: this video is really awesome because they have a bunch of pictures with family and friends, appropriately so.

As a whole, I think this album was a really great album that listeners have come to respect and love. This album also showed a lot of growth and potential for the future which gives us all something to look forward to. This album also has many dance tracks that could easily become hits for the pair.

Review written by Rachel Geiger

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