Fantastic Four (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Members of the esteemed Marvel family that were pushed to the side following a disappointing series of films in the noughties. Now in the year of the reboot, these young superheroes are set to make a comeback!

The Fantastic Four follows the story of four scientists, led by Reed Richards (Miles Teller), who upon discovering the secrets to inter-dimensional travel end up travelling to a volatile universe that alters their bodies – giving them superpowers. Richard’s body becomes stretchy and can be contorted, Sue Storm (Kate Mara) can become invisible, Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) can set himself alight and Ben Grimm’s (Jamie Bell) body becomes huge and made of boulders. You know, Marvel stuff.

The Fantastic Four (2005) Poster


The main thing that people are getting excited about with this is the cast. Even more than the film itself, people are talking about what is undeniably a very strong, very young cast of actors. Teller, Mara, Jordan and Bell have a fantastic film history between them – Whiplash, Transcendence, Fruitvale Station, Billy Elliot to name a few! They, like many others, have been drawn by the bright lights of Marvel and super(hero)stardom and will be not only lead this, but a follow up in 2017. Also, this film is taking place in the same universe as fellow Marvel superhumans X-Men – this, plus the fact they can travel through dimensions, leaves a lot of scope to include these scientists in future superhero collaborations similar to The Avengers.

The Fantastic Four (2015) Poster

…and now! The new, modern F4.

The story has also been modernised for the fresh release – gone is the radiation which led to the original’s powers, and in comes the supposedly more modern inter-dimensional travel. Also bad guy Doctor Doom has been reinvented – now simply known as Doom (Toby Kebbell), a hacker/cyber-terrorist.

I was only young when I watched the 2005 F4, but as far as I remember I liked the first film! And although this has an exciting young cast and the story has been slightly modernised, it’s still the same thing in essence. While this will do considerably better than the original in the box-office, and might be received better than the 2005 version, I do not expect this film to be pulling up any trees, be that in general cinema or the Marvel universe.

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