Tomorrowland (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

A film that I’ve been looking forward to seeing for months now, Disney’s latest offering might have a bit more bite than most!

Loosely based around the area of Disneyland Parks of the same name (and not the drug-fuelled festival, google it), Tomorrowland is a mysterious place that seems to exist in the minds of the brightest people in the world. Casey (Britt Robertson), a smart and scientifically curious teen is mistakenly given a pin, which transports her to Tomorrowland while she is touching it. She, along with former boy genius Frank Walker (George Clooney), go on a mission to uncover the secrets of Tomorrowland, and what role Casey and her pin play in its survival.

The story is very Disney, and even writing the description I had to ask myself “is this really going to be that good?” but ever since I saw the first trailer I’ve been excited by this. The way the pin transforms the world around Casey is pretty awesome, and should form the base for a really interesting story. Also, the shots of ‘Tomorrowland’ look dynamic and detailed, sprinkled with a little Disney magic, it is sure to be an exciting place!

Britt Robertson, the lead of Tomorrowland who has recently appeared opposite Scott Eastwood in romance film The Longest Ride (one of 3 films starring her in 2015!), is a young Actress who is slowly building an awesome filmography. Putting her alongside George Clooney, whose name speaks for himself, could be a real reputation boost for her! She might well be a name to remember.

The film is directed by Brad Bird, who has directed other Disney classics such as The Incredibles, Iron Giant and Ratatouille. That’s the ‘Disney magic’ box ticked. Add to that his directing work on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and you should have all the ingredients for a Disney, soft-action film like Tomorrowland!

Set for release on 22nd May, I’m really excited to see this! However, part of me does fear that the actual story isn’t as good, as the trailer is quite bare on details. I think it will do well in the box-office, but not necessarily as well as other Disney blockbusters, such as the hit that was Frozen, or the hugely anticipated Inside Out.

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