Best Coast – California Nights (Album Review)

The album starts off with the track “Feeling Ok,” which is a simple feel good song. It’s one of the lead singles off of the album and one of the most memorable in my opinion. I enjoy the beachy pop-punk vibes to the song. It isn’t just your typical pop song, it also has a dark feel to it which gives it a certain edge that allows it to stand out. Best Coast is a group known for their anthems that make you feel good and want to dance and this song is certainly no exception.

“In My Eyes” is yet another good song from Best Coast. I’m not sure if I’d consider it a hit song, but it’s still a quality track that sends good vibes that remind listeners of summer. Track after track is definitely good enough to be a summer soundtrack that you can just put it on repeat. The lyrics are also pretty great even though they are a little bit simple. “What hurts the most is that you’re gone and it hasn’t even been that long, but you’re in my eyes, you’re in my eyes.”

The track “Sleep Won’t Ever Come” is a little bit darker, but it also has a fun pop sound to it as well. I like the background vocals and how it adds an additional pop-punk quality to it. The song is about a rather basic concept: not being able to fall asleep. The narrator talks about how they’ve tried everything but sleep just won’t come. See, it’s simple, but it still manages to stay with you.

“Heaven Sent” sounds like it belongs in an early 2000’s romantic comedy movie. It’s repetitive but it also is yet another song that stresses good feelings and just having a good time. There’s nothing too heavy or any ballads here on this album. But a ballad is definitely something no one ever expects from Best Coast. The group is one that is known for these light fun anthems. One unique quality I appreciate is the edgy guitar sound that makes it more rock and punk than pop.

On “So Unaware” lead singer Bethany Cosentino gets deep when she asks the questions, “What is life, what is love, what’s the meaning of it all?” It’s unusual for her to get so deep, Bethany typically sticks to the catchy and simple lyrics. However, she shows some different signs of contemplating things much deeper.

“California Nights” is an album that will please fans of Best Coast. It might even attract some new listeners as well. This is an album that should definitely be placed on many music fans lists as one of the most memorable sounds of the summer. The group has produced yet another fun album that would be easy to dance along to.

Album review written by Rachel Geiger

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