Macbeth (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

In the year of reviving old tales, one of Shakespeare’s most famous tales is set to get the Hollywood treatment in a way it never has before.

One of William Shakespeare’s most famous tales, Macbeth stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In the original story, Macbeth is prophesised by three witches to become King of Scotland, and after persuasion by his power-hungry wife murders the King and takes the throne for himself.

Now I should say that this film really isn’t for me, and I’m really not interested in seeing this film. However, the pull of Fassbender and Cotillard playing two legendary characters is going to bring some sort of crowd. For Australian director Justin Kurzel this seems to be only his second feature-length performance, following on from 2011 festival success Snowtown.

Set for release on 2nd October in the UK, and 4th December in the USA, I honestly don’t get why this movie is a thing. Maybe I’m missing something, but this seems to be neither a money-maker, an award-winner or a festival pleaser. I guess it falls somewhere between award-winner and festival pleaser, and I fear that it might get neither. After all, between never won anything! I think it will make enough money, as there seems to be a decent marketing push in the UK for this film, but that is as far as it will go I think.

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