10 Film Review – W

W – for Whoop!

It’s been 4 months since ‘S’ reached 10 film reviews, but finally we have a second letter at the magic 10 film mark! So, same as we did with S, here’s a list of generic questions pitching these film against each other in a selection of categories! Because that’s what the people really want.

These are the films we’ve reviewed at The Culture Cove beginning with ‘W’. Click on the link to see our review, or use the categories on the left hand side of your browser to pick a letter!

The films are Welcome to the Punch, The Words, Whiplash, The Way Way Back, We’re the Millers, Welcome to the Rileys, Whip It, Wish I Was Here, The Watch and Wet Hot American Summer!

Note: I watched a lot of these films a long time ago – what, with WttP being our first EVER review and WHAS being our latest (at time of writing), separated by almost 11 months!

Another note: In between me starting and finishing this piece we’ve reviewed Walk of Shame, this isn’t included in this review, obviously.

Coolest Film – Whip It
This was really close between three – We’re the Millers, Wish I Was Here and Whip It. I love all these films, but I think in terms of being ‘rad’ it would feel like an injustice for Whip It to not win!

Best Story – Welcome to the Rileys
I have a feeling that the story in The Way Way Back is probably good, but I haven’t seen the film myself so cannot really say anything. Whiplash and Wet Hot American Summer are good character based stories, but I felt that We’re the Millers did a better job of combining this with an intriguing plot than the others.

Most Moving Film – Wish I Was Here
I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I definitely was moved by the levels of honesty and innocence shown in this film, written, directed and starring Zach Braff. Welcome to the Rileys came a close second, and before you wonder where Whiplash is, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that ‘moving’ isn’t a word you would use to describe it.

Most Entertaining Film – We’re the Millers
Whip It! came close here, but We’re the Millers is still one of my favourite comedies of recent years, so would have taken some beating here! If you’ve read my review you’ll know that I didn’t exactly get along with Wet Hot American Summer, which would explain its omission here.

Best Actor in a film – J.K Simmons – Whiplash
For obvious reason’s Simmons’ Oscar winning performance was not just the best actor in these films, but the best performance full stop. There’s not much more that can be said, he perfectly embodies and almost created what turned out to be one of the most exciting characters of last year.

Best Actress in a film – Kristen Stewart – Welcome to the Riley’s
I, along with a lot of the public, am not the biggest fan of Stewart in film or in person. However, her performance in this film was very heartfelt, and deserves some recognition. Ellen Page in Whip It came close, as did the young Joey King in Wish I Was Here, but Stewart just about wins this one!

Best Hero – Aidan Bloom – Wish I Was Here
This was a complete toss-up between Aidan and Bliss Cavendar from Whip It. However, I gave it to Aidan as he’s a bit less of a cliché than Bliss is!

Best Villain – Fletcher – Whiplash
As mentioned earlier, Fletcher became one of the most exciting characters of lat year, primarily down to his dark streak. Hugely entertaining to watch, a clear winner in this category.

Best Couple – Douglas Riley and Allison Mallory – Welcome to the Rileys
For lack of competition, these two are a comfortable winner in this category. Although not strictly together, the bond formed between these two is interesting to watch and does definitely develop throughout the film, making it an interesting watch!

Best Character – Fletcher – Whiplash
Yep, him again. He was just awesome, a revelation. Aidan Bloom from Wish I Was Here is comfortably second, and Allison from Welcome to the Rileys is another notable mention in a category rather light on deep characters!

Best Film – Whiplash
I think this title is close between four – We’re the Millers, Welcome to the Rileys, Whiplash and Wish I was Here. The latter probably pushed Whiplash the closest, but I think Chazelle’s film just edges it as the more complete package. The directing, the soundtrack, the feel and the emotion in Whiplash is all on point, creating an incredible cinema experience.

Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons in Whiplash

Most Titles – Whiplash
With four titles just about pips Welcome to the Rileys (3) to the grand prize! Welcome to the Punch, The Way Way Back, The Words, The Watch and Wet Hot American Summer have all been left empty handed!

Best Not Reviewed
Nothing springs to mind here. I would liked to have caught We Are Your Friends earlier in the year, but other than that I can’t think of any films I’m missing out on!

What films do you think we’re missing? What’s the best ‘W’ you’ve ever seen? Let us know below!

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