Hancock (2008) – Film Review

Hancock Movie PosterHancock

Starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron, Jae Head

Directed by Peter Berg

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Hancock (Smith) is a different style of superhero. He has all the powers you would expect – flight, super strength, immortality etc. – but this is married with his alcoholism, clumsiness and general lack of care for anyone and everything. On the verge of being hounded out of Los Angeles, he saves PR expert Ray (Bateman) from an oncoming train (again causing millions of dollars worth of damage), who in return helps him change his public image.

I should start by saying that although it looks hardcore on the outside, when you watch it you realise this is definitely a comedy before it’s any sort of action film. The score in the background is almost always leaning towards comedy, and the mannerisms of Hancock are meant to be seen as funny before being any kind of cool. However, this is a funny film! Not joke-funny, just a silly kind of entertainment that keeps you smiling. This is also mixed with some very cool superhero acts that are always entertaining to watch! Where this film falls down the most is the script. Written by Vy Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan, the dialogue in this film sounds plain, unimaginative and written in a month. I spent the majority of the film thinking ‘I could have written this’!

Will Smith was perfect for the Hancock role, and does a pretty good job here. While he’s not going to get any serious recognition for these cool-funny roles, his personality comes through brilliantly in these films and he is very entertaining! The same can be said for Jason Bateman, someone who’s also made his career with the type of role he plays in this film, the honest ‘state the obvious’ man. He’s a very funny guy, and he does a solid job making us laugh when he gets the chance. Charlize Theron looked like the best dramatic actor in this film, which won’t surprise many people. Playing Rays wife with a secret, she seemed to be let off trying to make people laugh, her character more focused on bringing the drama to the piece.

The directing in Hancock by Peter Berg was just about okay. While most of the shots were on point, there’s nothing new about how the film is shot and some of the shots were bordering on cliché. Maybe that’s what he was going for, another way of pointing out that he should be a superhero but he’s not? only he will know I guess.

Overall, this is a fun and very entertaining film. The bad points in this film, the script and the unimaginative directing, should be taken with a pinch of salt. This isn’t a film made to wow you, this is just entertainment. And I was definitely entertained!

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