Let me explain…

I’m not sure if people follow this blog religiously, but I think I have enough followers to believe that some of you will be wondering where we’ve been the last few weeks (apologies if that sounds too big-time)!

While we try to stick to our usual schedule of posts, myself and my amazing contributor Rachel Geiger have been very busy in our personal lives recently. For myself, I’m in my last year at University so have a ton of work to do with that, and I’ve also recently developed a big love for videogames (you may have noticed by the occasional videogame posts) and they are taking up a lot of my free time right now. Expect to see a few more videogame posts over the next few months!

Also, I’ve developed a love for writing, and have started writing my own novels! I don’t know if I will start to post about this or not, I’m just putting it out there.

As a result of this, and the fact that we’ve reviewed around 130 films in under a year (which I’m really proud of!), I’ve decided to remove the usual schedule from The Culture Cove. From now on all our posts will be on impulse, so you can be sure that everything you see on here is full of passion, and accurately portrays our love for all things culture!

I hope that clarifies our lack of content recently, and we all look forward to sharing more exciting content from the world of culture!

We at The Culture Cove are always looking for guest publishers! If you wish to share you passion for anything culture with the world then email culturecoveblog@outlook.com with your post and I’ll look to publish it!

Alternatively, you could become a contributor!

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