10 Film Review – L

Third times the charm! The letter of Love, Life and Lemons is the third to reach the ten film mark, so here’s our mini-awards season for the ten films we’ve seen beginning with L!

These are the ten films we’ve seen beginning with L:
The Lego Movie, Lucy, Limitless, Lost in Translation, Little Miss Sunshine, A Long Way Down, Layer Cake, Locke, ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Love, Rosie’.

Coolest Film: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells
This is a very subjective choice, because there are three particular films here that are very cool but for different demographics. Limitless is a cool film simply because what the lead is able to achieve, and The Lego Movie was also cool because of how childish it is. In the end, it was a toss up between Lego and Lock Stock, and who has ever said that? I gave it to Lock Stock because it’s the film that brings a smile to my face just thinking of certain pieces, but I’m sure a lot of people would have chose Lego!

Best Story: Limitless
I’m a sucker for a big idea, and the idea that a man finds a pill that lets him achieve everything he wants is very big indeed. Similarities can be drawn between this and Lucy, but how realistically they play it off in Limitless makes it a much better film than it’s angry female-led cousin. A Long Way Down came close here, but I think that’s much more character-driven than Limitless. Locke and Lock, Stock also fall into that box.

Most Moving Film: A Long Way Down
I should point out that I myself haven’t seen Little Miss Sunshine, but I do feel like that would have given ALWD a run for its money here. However, this is a very sweet tale and deserved winner of this award. Locke is also worth a mention in this category, although that is moving in a sad way.

Most Entertaining Film: The Lego Movie
Family entertainment at its finest, The Lego Movie is a clear winner here. Other notable mentions are Lucy, Limitless and Lock, Stock, but none of these were ever going to threaten The Lego Movie!

Best Actor: Bill Murray – Lost in Translation
I have mixed opinions on this cult classic, but I do believe that Bill Murray perfectly personifies the faded movie star in a foreign land. While this isn’t a very entertaining film, you can’t help but be impressed by him. Tom Hardy also came close for his role in the very different and demanding Locke.

Best Actress: Imogen Poots – A Long Way Down
Perhaps not someone you would really associate with any Best Actress awards, maybe this film will change your opinion of the actress. In this she plays a very complicated character and delivers an emotional yet entertaining performance.

Best Hero: Emmet – The Lego Movie
The classic prodigal son storyline needs a charismatic leader, and Emmet fitted this bill perfectly! Daniel Craig’s nameless character in Layer Cake also came very close in this one for his (dare I say it) smooth, James Bond-esque performance.

Best Villain: Rory Breaker – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The pocket-rocket brings utter carnage to London at the end of this movie, while also being a funny, powerful, cocky man. Very entertaining!

Best Couple: Bob and Charlotte – Lost in Translation
I’m afraid this one has almost won by default. The only real competitor to these two was Rosie and Alex from Love, Rosie. However this duo wins out thanks to their real, natural relationship and development throughout the film.

Best Character: Lucy – Lucy
While the film itself may have been unspectacular, there’s no denying there’s some very cool moments in this film, all down to Lucy. She conducts herself in a calm, controlling manner that is always key to creating a bad-ass character. Jess from A Long Way Down and Daniel Craig’s unnamed character from Layer Cake also came close in this category.

Best Film: Limitless
This was really close. A three-way split between Lock, Stock and The Lego Movie. However, Limitless wins this one because it’s the one film on the list that I would watch if it was on TV right now. And that’s after seeing it a handful of times already! A great idea well executed, this is a really accessible, easily watched and easily loved film!


Cooper’s thrilled with Limitless’ Best Film Award on The Culture Cove!

Most Titles: 4-Way Tie!
In a frankly ridiculous turn of events, Lock Stock, Limitless, Long Way Down, Lego Movie and Lost in Translation are all tied with two awards each! I guess if there’s going to be a winner it has to be Limitless for walking home with the Best Film award. Lucy got one award, whereas the other five all left empty handed.

Best Not Reviewed:
This is the peoples award! Let us know in the comments below what the best film beginning with L not in this list is. The top choice will be reviewed on The Culture Cove!

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