Black Panda: Koi Child – Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Black Panda by Australian hip-hop band Koi Child!

Click here to listen now!

Coming out of Fremantle, a port city just west of Perth, Black Panda was released in 2015 and was the group’s second single. It is also part of Koi child’s self-titled debut album released in March this year, an album produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker.

It appears that Koi Child are going to be building quite a riotous image, and that comes across brilliantly in this lively and at times beautifully uncoordinated piece of music. There’s so much energy in this that the three minutes fly by in a blaze!

Koi child sound and feel really passionate and however much it makes me cringe to say it, they really do feel ‘fresh’. This is a song you really must listen to if you’re a fan of hip-hop.

And as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

The Culture Cove

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