The Shark: We Are Match – Song of the Week


Following on from last week, we have another French offering for you. This time it’s five-piece We Are Match with the single The Shark.

Click here to listen now!

Having all hailed out of Normandy on the northern coast of France, it was when they all moved to Paris for studies that they decided to officially form We Are Match in 2012. Now all living together in a house on the edge of the city, they claim to have no lead, instead seeing themselves as a pure collective or a perfect ‘match’. The name, apparently, is inspired by the phrase “Match Made in Heaven.” The Shark is #3 on WAM’s debut album, Shores, released in 2015.

We Are Match The Shark Cover

Listing a wide range of influences – from UK groups Alt-J and Gorillaz through to the final boss on Final Fantasy who they beat as a group one day, apparently – these guys just exude an incredible sense of fun and enjoyment that comes across really clearly in their music. The Shark is something of a chilled-pop song that is almost distinctly French. The song, like others we’ve reviewed, is never rushing towards anything or trying to build up to any sort of spectacular moment. It’s a really smooth song, and my only complaint with it would be that it always seems to finish early! It’s as if it needs that extra verse or bridge, just another thirty seconds or so.

WAM’s house – which they’ve called Wolf House – is situated deep in a forest just outside Paris. This is where they make all their music, and the tranquil, open and friendly atmosphere that must surround them really comes through in this piece of music.

I hope you enjoy this song – I personally think it’s perfect for calm early-summer evenings – and as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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