Foolish: Alpine – Song of the Week

Alpine - Song of the Week | The Culture Cove

This week’s Song of the Week is Foolish by Australian indie-band Alpine.

Click here to listen now!

Coming out of Melbourne in the south of Australia in 2009, Alpine is an indie-pop/alternative band formed of six members, with two female lead vocalists. Their debut album ‘A is for Alpine’ was released in 2012 and was popular in their homeland, debuting at No.1 on iTunes in Australia and being crowned iTunes’ Australian Alternative Album of the Year for 2012. Off the back of their debut success, critics such as Rolling Stone, Time and Vice touted them for future success. The single Foolish – released in April 2015 – was Alpine’s follow-up to their acclaimed debut album, and is now featured on their second album Yuck, released in June of last year.

Alpine: Yuck - Song of the Week | The Culture Cove

The degree to which Alpine have made a name for themselves owes a lot to the light and airy harmonies between the two lead singers – Phoebe Baker and Lou James. I didn’t actually know it was two people until I looked into it. To be fair, I didn’t really think much about it at all, but the song stuck with me thanks to its airy tone. These great voices come across really well in the song, which helps creates a really interesting contrast between the sound of their voices and what they’re actually saying – as the lyrics, combined with a slow dance beat, create a cocky and almost arrogant atmosphere that goes against their soft voices.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have – the truth is I’ve been listening to this for weeks, and have been saving this for a relatively quiet music week, such as this – and as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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