The Knower: Youth Lagoon – Song of the Week

Wow, it’s been a while since we did one of these! Hopefully, with good luck and a fair wind, every Monday we will deliver you a new piece of music we’ve been listening too recently, to get your week off to the best possible start!

What better way to welcome back Song of the Week with the beautiful sound of Trevor Powers as Youth Lagoon. This is ‘The Knower’:

Click here to listen on Spotify, or here for YouTube

Youth Lagoon was the stage name used by Idaho musician Trevor Powers until he retired the disguise in 2016. He posted his first single online in May 2011, and the buzz that followed earned him a deal with Fat Possum Records. His first album released later that year titled The Year of Hibernation remains the standout success, while the more expansive second album Wondrous Bughouse (2013) earned him comparisons with artists such as Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips.

After the second album Trevor Powers moved to the UK, working with Toybox Studios in Bristol to create what would be his final album, Savage Hills Ballroom (2015), including the single track ‘The Knower’.

The Knower by Youth Lagoon - Song of the Week

The third and final album is, according to the record label Fat Possum Records, ‘influenced by society’s desire to exude a flawless existence,’ and that theme is particularly prevalent in this track. Not only are the lyrics interesting and meaningful, but Powers’ mesmerisingly delicate voice and song production allows the meaning of the single to flourish alongside what is a really catchy and enjoyable dance/jazz tune. This is a song that is both subtle and full of energy, a delightfully created piece of music that is full of the creator’s values and beliefs in people and music.

Want more Youth Lagoon? X-Ray is another notable song off the album, while I would highly recommend checking out his first album The Year of Hibernation.

Passionate about music? Want to share your favourite singles? We’re always looking for contributors across all the arts, so if you have something to share with the world, let us know here!

And, of course, have a great week from everyone at The Culture Cove!

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