Moon Eclipsed the Sun: Evolfo – Song of the Week

Garage-soul, glam-funk, psych-rock – whatever you call it, the United States are the kings of reinventing soft rock.

Artists such as King Kahn, The Detroit Cobras and, to a lesser extent groups such as The Black Keys are making this one of the most fruitful and consistently satisfying music genres of this decade. So, today we hope to extend your playlist with this little gem from Evolfo. This is Moon Eclipsed the Sun.

Evolfo are a relatively new seven-man group, a union of friends split across multiple Boston bands in the early 2010s who have come together and now work together in the modern American realm of garage/soul/rock/whatever in Brooklyn, NY. This song – Moon Eclipsed the Sun – was the group’s debut single, released in 2016 before the full debut album, Last of the Acid Cowboys, was released in 2017.

In a fantastic interview done by AXS, the band talk about being in a “psychedelic acid western headspace” when they wrote their album, and that is the perfect way to describe this track.

The soft sounds of electronic music marry perfectly with American soft-rock tones to create a song with multiple layers. A sweet and simple melody that holds a fantastic presence, this is a song, and a band, that deserve to be punching way above their weight!

Evolfo Moon Eclipsed the Sun - Song of the Week

Hopefully Evolfo can be another band to add to your list of American psych-rock favourites. And, as always, have a great week from everyone here at The Culture Cove!

The Culture Cove

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