NOBODY HANGS OUT ANYMORE: London O’Connor – Song of the Week

This week’s song of the week is a social commentary by a truly enigmatic young artist. This is 2015’s NOBODY HANGS OUT ANYMORE by London O’Connor.

London O’Connor appears, from what I could scrape off the outskirts of the internet, to be a truly eccentric character. Someone seemingly on the outskirts of modern life, the wondering child grew up in California before travelling to New York. Spending much of his time sofa-hopping around the city his debut album Circle Triangle, initially self-published in 2015 before being officially released in 2017, made him a recognised member of America’s new hip-hop generation, receiving citations from the likes of Jaden Smith for his softer tones and passionate singularity. As well-known for his enigmatic approach to life as his personal music, his interviews (such as this one with The Guardian) are littered with interesting views on subjects such as the fluidity of gender and the complexity of human emotions, something he says should be described in colours and not words, which he sees as a relatively powerless communication form, somewhat surprising for a musician.

London O'Connor, Circle Triangle Album - Song of the Week at The Culture Cove

Circle Triangle (2015), London O’Connor

London O’Connor also has passionate views on the internet and the social media world we live in – calling Twitter a ‘trap’ – and these idea form the basis of our Song of the Week. A soft tune with catchy lyrics, this melancholy song fells somewhat chirpy despite its obviously poignant subject matter. A very real problem of modern life, this song will hit home with many listeners of his generation but beyond that this is a song that is easy to sing along to and is, funnily enough, hugely enjoyable to listen to.

I hope you like this song, and as always have a great week with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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