In My Mind: Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino – Song of the Week

Usually, I try to stay away from trending chart music and give you something you may have not heard before. However, this week we’re making a rare dip into the world of popular music with this great club tune: In My Mind.

Like a lot of club music, this is a song with a history as deep and confusing as tracing a family tree back ten generations. Dynoro is a DJ from Lithuania who has released unofficial remixes through Soundcloud and other mediums since the early part of this decade. This song saw him reach a level of popularity internationally when it was published at the end of last year before being removed because of copywrite issues and officially released again in the summer of 2018, this time including the name of Gigi D’Agostino, an Italian DJ and producer who features on the record.

The song In My Mind is originally an Australian song by DJ Ivan Gough and house duo Feenixpawl. Released in 2012, it didn’t gain much attention until it was remixed by Axwell, a member of the hugely popular dance group Swedish House Mafia. Appearing on their number one album Until Now later that year. Flo Rida also remixed the song in that year, which is probably why this song feels like something you’ve heard before…

In My Mind: Dynoro - Song of the Week Album Cover

I have a very personal relationship to dance music that I got from my parents. It influences much of my taste in music and often impacts on my art, as I recently highlighted in these Disco Inspired sketches. Unfortunately, dance music has blown up so much that almost every song you hear is a dance tune of some sort, and a lot of it – America, I’m looking at you, here – is really not great. However, every so often a random song will come out of nowhere and, despite not reaching the top of the charts, go down in dance history as one of the great songs of the decade, and this is one of them.

Fronted by effortlessly simple lyrics, this song manages to supply enough up and downs, lights and darks for a whole night’s worth of entertainment. In a similar way to House Every Weekend, an almost viral club hit from 2015, this is a song that really brings the noise with catchy lyrics and a beat you can attach to, but listening to it yourself is when you truly notice the craft behind this tune.

I hope you enjoy this little big of club magic throughout the week, and if you’re interested in getting new songs every Monday make sure you subscribe!

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