Celebrity Reduction Prayer: Mello Music Group – Song of the Week

We’re back with some original music to get you through the week!

Based in Arizona, USA, Mello Music Group is a small, independent hip-hop label founded in 2008 by Michael Tolle. Founded off the back of Tolle’s early college DJ career and subsequent business, Mello Mixtapes, the group features a strong number of artists and despite not receiving much recognition outside of the American alt-hip-hop crowd, MMG has been praised in quarters for their intelligent take on modern hip-hop music.

Mello Music Group Persona Album Cover

Intelligence is also one of the first words that come to mind when it comes to this track. Accompanied by a classy jazz instrumental, this poignant song portrays strong emotion without having to prove it, smart lyrics carrying a song that rises and flows effortlessly despite having a distinct US hip-hop sound.

We hope you enjoy this song as it takes you through another cold November week. Subscribe to The Culture Cove for weekly new music recommendations, while keep an eye out for Anime Pocket Reviews Ep. 56, dropping later this week!

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