I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire: The Ink Spots – Song of the Week

Well, that’s another year done!

If, like us, you’re currently looking around for the rest of 2018, then we have some bad news – it’s time to prepare for the next one! People love to look back on their achievements and plan their next ones at this time of year, and with that in mind, here’s a classic song to lighten the mood:

A classic American pop song, this song was written in the 1930s and has been performed by many different groups and artists from the time and beyond. The most successful rendition was by Horace Heidt in 1941, when it reached number one in the US. However, the most recognised version in the modern day is this song by The Ink Spots, which was also released in the 1940s. The Ink Spots were an American quartet famous for combining traditional pop and rock tunes with blues vocals. Incredibly popular at the time, the original group has been inducted into many modern hall of fame lists, whilst the name ‘The Ink Spots’ has been used by countless groups since. Part of their legacy has been the wide use of their music in popular culture, The Ink Spots appearing in many film and videogame soundtracks over the years. This particular song features heavily in the Fallout videogame series, hence its modern-day popularity.

The Ink Spots Collection - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire Song of the Week

A beautiful sound telling a simple song, this is a timeless classic regardless of its setting. However, with the year coming to an end and another soon to start, this song carries a great message: we don’t have to aim for the stars, or expect miracles from ourselves. So, take the beautiful tones of The Ink Spots with you into the new year, and let the message carry us all through a fantastic 2019.

We hope you have a great new year. Remember, we’ll be there in 2019 with you, giving you just the right new music weekly to help you start every week right! Here’s to 2019, with lots of love from The Culture Cove!

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