Cherry: Chromatics – Song of the Week

A deep, earthy bit of electronica from Portland for this week’s song!

Formed in Portland, USA, Chromatics are an electronic punk-rock group that have achieved recognition after shaky beginnings. Regularly changing band members during the early years around guitarist Adam Miller, it wasn’t until their third album , Night Drive (2007), that the band took off with critical acclaim. Cherry is the first song on the 2014 ‘mini-album’ of the same name.

Cherry Chromatics Album

Cherry (2014) – Chromatics

A slow tune with a hypnotic feel to it, this has actually been one of my favourite songs of the last few years. There is an actual story to this track, giving it a real sense of meaning and purpose that can be easily lost in modern music. However, there are plenty of layers to this song from a production point of view, leaving you with plenty to enjoy here!

We hope you enjoy listening to this excellent tune and exciting group! Remember to subscribe to The Culture Cove for regular music recommendations every Monday!

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