Takt Op Destiny – Anime Review

Takt Op. Destiny

2021, Season 1, 12x23mins

Action, Fantasy

Directed by Yuuki IOU

Produced by Madhouse and MAPPA

Takt Op Destiny Anime Poster

The story is set in an America that has descended into Chaos, overrun by dangerous creatures known as D2s. These monsters are attracted to and enraged by melodies, leading to a prohibition on music. People’s only defence against D2s are musicarts, young women who have the power to destroy D2s, and the composers who control them. Takt and Destiny are a new team who, alongside Cosette, are on a journey across America to New York, where they hope to find answers about the fight against D2s and their own past.

Basically Plot: In a world devoid of music, a young composer and musicart travel across America in search of answers, both for the war against D2s and themselves.

Often, with anime such as this, I would be inclined to call it ‘solid but not spectacular’. However, in this particular case, the opposite applies.

The whole show is visually spectacular, with vivid colours and slick animation giving all the fight scenes an incredible sheen. There’s a sweetness to how big and bright the show feels as a whole, embodied by the colourful and varied fighters (musicarts).

The first episode serves as something of a pilot for the series as a whole, with even slicker and brighter animation that most of the rest of the series. On its own, it’s probably one of the most visually excellent episodes of an action anime I’ve ever seen. Even for people who would usually gawk at a show like this, I would urge you to feast your eyes on that marvellous first episode.

As the episodes pass and the story develops, you begin to discover the holes in this series. The idea behind this world’s backstory isn’t that outlandish in the world of anime, but the show never tries to sell or explain it in any way. The plot serves as a vehicle for the fighting in the series, which is fine for a bog-standard fantasy, but it means Takt’s side characters are hollow bodies in a world without much meaning. That’s probably the biggest drawback of this series when compared to other fantasy action adventures.

Takt as a whole definitely deserves more praise than scorn. For one, this has not been adapted from any manga or novel; the fact that it’s tied to a mobile game perhaps explains its ultimate lack of depth. However, this series also strikes me as being totally fine with its simplistic story, because it allows it to deliver action scenes that are excellent by almost any standard. If you’re a fan of big and bright fantasy shoot-em-ups, Takt is a show in which you’ll find joy.

Takt Op Destiny Anime Ranking: 5/10

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

It’s clear that Takt never set out to be remarkable, just to catch eyes. This is a visually excellent series, but with little meaningful story in the background. Still, it’s a fun watch for fans of fantasy action series.

If you liked Take Op Destiny, you’ll love: Noragami

There are many things that join the stories of Takt and Noragami together. Both feature a real world setting laced with fantasy fighting, in this case gods assisted by anthropomorphic weapons known as shinki. Both showed are also filled with funny moments, but while Takt struggles to marry this with drama when needed, Noragami does this expertly, hence why it’s seen as one of the best fantasy action series out there!

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