This weeks music: Lorde – Yellow flicker Beat

“This is the start, of how it all ends.”

This is the first of our weekly dosage of music you should be listening to! And what better way to start than the soundtrack to one of the years biggest blockbusters.

Released late September/early October, Yellow Flicker Beat is by New-Zealand born singer-songwriter Lorde, and is the official soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One, the latest in the global teen phenomenon. With the movie being released in UK cinemas this week, expect to hear a lot of this song.

The first time I heard it I thought that it was catchy, but that was it. Initially I didn’t see how any of it linked into the movie. It’s after hearing it the second, third time (and focusing on the lyrics) that you start to feel bits of what we can expect from Mockingjay.

Picture Katniss  Everdeen as we know her from the previous films while listening to this, that’s when you get a sense of where the songs coming from. The opening of the song is quiet, delicate, but the tapping beat in the background is lighting the fire which explodes in the chorus – not too dissimilar to how Katniss slowly grows into her role as the leader of the revolution. From then on in it’s a song full of passion and strength. Lorde’s voice stays calm, but the beat in the back makes you want to nod your head. It feels a little bit like a war-cry.

If you’re looking for something slower and deeper, I recommend you look for Kanye West’s rework of this song – that should suit you nicely.

What’s your favourite song right now? Let us know and we might even feature it next week!

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