Tuesday’s Trailer: Mortdecai (2015)

Mortdecai is an action/comedy starring Johnny Depp as wacky art dealer Charles Mortdecai, tasked with recovering a stolen painting linked with a bank account filled with Nazi gold.

Set to be released in the UK in 23 January 2015, Mortdecai is the latest in what seems like a string of wacky eccentrics to be played by Johnny Depp. In this he is an old-fashioned English art dealer with what seems more charm than sense.

The trailer shows some funny moments in this film and it should be entertaining to watch. I’m not sure how many people will pay to watch it in the cinema but I will be looking forward to watching it when it comes out on DVD/on demand.

Do you think Mortdecai will be a success or failure? Let us know in our poll!

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