This weeks music: Jungle – Time

Time and, time and, time and, time and time again.

Jungle are a London born soul/hip-hop duo who went viral with two exciting debut videos – The Heat and Platoon – back in 2013. They are starting to seep into the publics head now in the UK after their nomination for the Mercury Prize, but ‘should’ be relatively unknown to any readers from the US. Part of their appeal is that they have kept their identity quiet, and go by the names J and T.

All of their songs have an old fashioned feel vocally, but it’s carefully mixed with engaging and modern beats. Their videos also have a unique, 80’s vibe to them – and are all co-produced by the duo themselves.

Although I have suggested Time, I would recommend checking out their whole debut album (also called Jungle) as it is filled with good songs – particularly listen to their two songs listed above, and also a song called Julia.

Have a great week!

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