Alt-J – Left Hand Free: This Weeks Music

English indie group Alt-J (named after the triangle that appears after pressing alt-j on a mac) were formed in 2008, after all four members met at Leeds University. Their first album, An Awesome Wave, arrived in 2012 and went on to win the prestigious Mercury Prize. After their early and unexpected success they embarked on tours across the world. The original bassist has since left, and their recent album, This is All yours (the home of Left Hand Free), is performed as a three-piece. Their second album has reached the top ten in many charts across the world, making number 1 in the UK and in genre specific charts in the United States.

This is a song that hasn’t necessarily done well in the mainstream music scene, but has hooked me since I heard it on a TV advert a few weeks ago. The vocals of the lead singer are pretty unique (although I’m sure someone will tell me “well you obviously haven’t heard ___ then”) and the song has a good mixture of basic, down-to-earth rock guitar strings with just a hint of computer production work. Compared to other songs I’ve heard from Alt-J, this is pretty nitty-gritty for them.

They had a lot of success with the songs Tessellate and Breezeblocks (off their first album), so if you like this then you can go and listen to them.

Have a great week!

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