The Interview (Cancelled!): Tuesday’s Trailer

This was written before the cancellation of The Interview by Sony in the light of the cyber-hacks.

This weeks trailer is a film that has been in the news a fair bit the last week or so, the North-Korea slamming The Interview.

Dave Skylark (Dave Franco) is a celebrity news reporter who lands an interview with North Korean dictator, and fan of the show, Kim Jong-un. As Dave – along with his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) – prepares to head to North Korea they are contacted by the CIA. Dave and Aaron see this as a chance to legitimise themselves as journalists, but when the CIA ask them to assassinate Kim Jong-un they are forced to rethink their plans.

A group calling themselves Guardians of Peace (or GoP) – behind the recent Sony hacks – have called for the movie to be cancelled, saying it could “break the regional peace and cause the war”.

More from The Hollywood Reporter here.

Controversies aside, this looks like another funny film by Seth Rogen and co., along the same lines as This is the End and Bad Neighbours. A lot of people will be looking forward to seeing Rogen and Franco together again, after previous successes such as Pineapple Express.

I personally wouldn’t expect anything too different from what we’ve already seen from Rogen and Franco, but it’s a formula that works so why would you change it? I very much look forward to seeing this when it hits cinemas on 6th February 2015 (UK).

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