American Sniper (2014) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Directed by Clint Eastwood and based on the autobiographical book by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the film looks at how Chris’s sniper skills made him a hero in the Navy. As Chris (played by Bradley Cooper) steps out of the line of fire and returns to the United States, he realises leaving the war behind is easier said that done.

I didn’t really think much of this film until I saw the trailer, now I’m really excited! It feels like a while since I was excited by an army film and this looks like it could be the best one in a while. It also looks like it could be an amazing performance from Bradley Cooper. I’ve recently watched The Words and Silver Linings Playbook, and they are okay performances for an A-list actor – but I see things in this trailer from him that I haven’t seen in other films, and that’s very exciting.

American Sniper is being released in some places in December 2014, but most people will see it on 16th January 2015. This will be a very good way of starting 2015 in film!

Look out for our special article looking at films in 2015, coming out December 31st!

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