Haim – Days Are Gone (Album Review)

Sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim make up the band Haim. The band has recently generated a lot of conversation due to the fact that they were nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist. In my opinion, this is one that they deserve to take home for a number of different reasons. The girls are all ridiculously talented musicians, each sister plays several different instruments. Their debut album “Day Are Gone” was released back in 2013 but is still one of my favorite albums in recent years.

An album highlight without a doubt has to be “The Wire.” This song is catchy in every single way. The lyrics are clever and straight to the point while the chorus is extremely catchy and beautiful. “Always keep your heart locked tight, don’t let your mind redial,” the girls sing in the chorus. However, it’s the guitar riff at the end that shows off the sheer ability of the trio that peeks my interest.

After one track ends, you start to think that maybe the next song won’t be as good as the last. Then you find yourself pleasantly surprised when that song is just as solid as the last. I can’t stress it enough that there’s truly not a bad song on the album. With that being said, there’s definitely more than one track that stands out and makes you go back and listen to it over and over again. For me, those tracks (besides The Wire) are “Forever” “If I Could Change Your Mind” “Don’t Save Me” and “Honey & I”

The song “Forever” has been featured in a lot of commercials and with good reason. The general melody is just beyond catchy. You can’t help but hear it in your head even hours after you’ve listened to the song. The band has been compared to the 70’s rock band Fleetwood Mac. I can’t really see the comparison between the two. Besides, Fleetwood Mac is such an epic band that I feel like it’s unfair to Haim to compare them to anybody since they are such creative artists who bring something new to the table in their own right.

The lyrics and the harmony expressed by the sisters on “Don’t Save Me” is just so ridiculously in sync. Watching them perform this one in particular live is something that people should witness for themselves. As a whole, “Days Are Gone” is a album that I believe everyone needs to listen to because there aren’t many bands out there like Haim and they deserve many awards for their unique artistry.

Review written by Rachel Geiger