2015 Oscar and BAFTA Nominations Review – The Stars

If you haven’t caught the awards bug yet then prepare yourself, it’sa coming! the Oscar nominations are out, and the nominees are preparing their speeches and getting their fitted designer outfits prepared for the most glamorous night on the planet on February 22nd! Also, on my side of the pond we prepare for the British Academy Film and Television Awards – aka the BAFTA’s, on Febuary 8th.

In a two-part special, we have a look at the nominees and decide not only who we think will win, but who we want to win, in seven of the main categories – best actor, best supporting actor, best and supporting actresses, best screenplay written for film, best adapted screenplay and best film. We will also for comparison outline the Golden Globe winners in each category. We will also get an American viewpoint on the upcoming awards season through our weekly contributor Rachel Geiger!

Best Actor2015 Oscars - Best Actor

Benedict Cumberbatch for The Imitation Game

Michael Keaton for Birdman – GG winner – musical or comedy

Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything – GG winner – drama

Oscar only:

Steve Carell for Foxcatcher

Bradley Cooper for American Sniper

BAFTA only:

Ralph Fiennes for The Grand Budapest Hotel

Jake Gyllenhaal for Nightcrawler

Like the majority or these awards, there is going to be the potential for different winners in the UK and the USA. When The Imitation Game came out I was ninety percent sure that Cumberbatch’s performance would not only get him the BAFTA, but the Oscar as well! Such was the hype surrounding him after its release. However, since then The Theory of Everything has really taken off, and Eddie Redmayne’s name is now linked with both gongs. For the BAFTA’s, it is definitely a two horse race between Cumberbatch and Redmayne – one I think Cumberbatch might just win, however that would be a surprise in my eyes. In the United States, I think there will be a lot of people wanting Steve Carell to win after his performance in Foxcatcher, and Michael Keaton should also come close – however I see the Oscars following suit with the Globes, Redmayne to win best actor for me. If I had it my way I would like to see Ralph Fiennes win the BAFTA, as he was brilliant to watch in TGBH. I would also like to see Michael Keaton win the Oscar, just to show that you don’t have to be completely dead serious to be the best in this business.

RG on the Oscar: “I think this category is between Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything and Bradley Cooper for American Sniper. Bradley Cooper has been nominated before so they may give it to him just because of experience. But I’m going to go with Eddie Redmayne since he had to transform physically for the role of Stephen Hawking.”

RG on the BAFTA: “Eddie Redmayne due to his portrayal of beloved British scientist Stephen Hawking. I think he really deserves to win due to how much time and effort it must have taken to get this role down.”

Best Supporting ActorJ K Simmons in Whiplash

Ethan Hawke for Boyhood

Edward Norton for Birdman

Mark Ruffalo for Foxcatcher

J.K. Simmons for Whiplash – GG winner

Oscar only:

Robert Duvall for The Judge

BAFTA only:

Steve Carell for Foxcatcher

I think this is probably the most straightforward of all the categories, both in who I want to win and who will win! The performance by Simmons in Whiplash is out of this world and a sure-fire winner for this years Oscar. The only questions with the BAFTA is ether Steve Carell can snatch it, but for me that seems unlikely. Interesting to see Carell is nominated for best actor in America and Best Supporting in Britain – I haven’t seen the film but the impression I get was that Channing Tatum was the lead, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

RG on the Oscar: “For me, it’s really a no brainer that J.K. Simmons wins for his role in the small indie film “Whiplash.” He plays the scary and abusive music teacher to Miles Teller’s character, who is an aspiring drummer. He really gets the emotion down for this role.”

RG on the BAFTA: “J.K. Simmons for Whiplash. Although, I’m not sure how popular the movie is outside of the United States.”

Read our review of Whiplash here!

Best Actress2015 Oscars - Best Actress

Felicity Jones for The Theory of Everything

Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl

Julianne Moore for Still Alice – GG winner – drama

Reese Witherspoon for Wild

Oscar only:

Marion Cotillard for Two Days, One Night

BAFTA only:

Amy Adams for Big Eyes – GG winner – musical or comedy

This really is not my strong point as a young blogger! Not only have I not seen these films, I’m also not the biggest fan of any of these actresses! My favourite actresses on this list would have to be Marion Cotillard and Julianne Moore, so with that being said I hope and expect Moore to pick up this years Oscar. BAFTA is a bit different, with the British hype for the potential successes of The Theory of Everything bound to pick up, I’m half expecting Felicity Jones to steal it this year!

RG on the Oscar: “Julianne Moore for Still Alice. She’s been getting a lot of praise for this role so it’s likely she’ll win.”

RG on the BAFTA: “Felicity Jones in The Theory Of Everything. I’m not sure how much it matters that she’s a British actress, but I think she deserves the award. She really did this role justice.”

Best Supporting Actress2015 Oscars - Best Supporting Actress

Patricia Arquette for Boyhood – GG winner

Keira Knightley for The Imitation Game

Emma Stone for Birdman

Oscar only:

Laura Dern for Wild

Meryl Streep for Into the Woods

BAFTA only:

Imelda Staunton for Pride

Rene Russo for Nightcrawler

I personally think this is a really tight category, where it could go any way on the night. I do however think it’s between the three nominees on both sides of the pond – Arquette, Knightly and Stone. They all put in strong performances, and as much as I would like to see Emma Stone win something for her role in Birdman I have a hunch that Arquette will win the Oscar and if she isn’t to do the double then it will be Knightly to win the BAFTA.

RG on the Oscar: “Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. I know I’m basically going with every actress and actor that won the Golden Globe, but I think Patricia Arquette will win partly because Boyhood is getting such good reviews.”

RG on the BAFTA: “Again, I’m not sure how much it matters whether or not they are British. However, I think Keira Knightley has a chance for her role in The Imitation Game.”

So, that’s our review of the actors and actresses that make up this years awards season in the UK and US. Think we’ve got it right? Who do you think should be winning the gongs? Do you think the judges have completely overlooked actors that deserve recognition? Let us know, and if we get enough replies we will create an alternative ‘tCC15 Awards’!

Look out for part two of our nominations review, coming Thursday!

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