Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Based on the phenomenally successful novel by E.L. James, this story focuses on the relationship between innocent literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and the powerful but tormented Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). As Ana falls for the beautiful and intimidating Mr. Grey she learns of his specific ‘tastes’, particularly his need for control over everything and anything.

This is a film that intrigues me as much as it makes me cringe. This is a film targeted at women, so perhaps I’m not the one to judge it – but here goes! The trailer itself is spine-tingling to watch, because 90% of us know the story and what happens, so all this trailer does is build up your anticipation – exactly what a trailer needs to do! Whatever you think of it all, there’s no doubting that this is a film that will change a lot of people perceptions on sex in the same way the book did – however, I’m reliably informed that this isn’t going to be the ‘soft-pornography’ that the book was portrayed to be, and that there is actually a very compelling story behind all the BDSM.

Reading a saucy book in the privacy of your bedroom is very different to watching a saucy movie in the public environment of the cinema – but that will be the only barrier stopping this from being one of the biggest movies of the first half of 2015. However, if people do pluck up the courage to go and see this movie, I think they will be pleasantly surprised to see something that could be quite spectacular. Released on Valentines Day (13th February), it will be extremely interesting to see how well the film does!

For a different – and perhaps more reliable – point of view, here is what American Rachel Geiger thinks of the Fifty Shades trailer:

“The trailer stays pretty close to the book with how Anastasia meets him. I think the music makes it work together nicely. I can see why the trailer caused a lot of talk when it was first released. I think it’s funny that when the movie was rated, they rated it R for the ‘unusual behavior’. Based on the trailer, the chemistry isn’t really there between the actors so far, maybe that’ll change in the full length movie but it seems doubtful. I don’t think the movie will be anything special because they seem to be trying to hard to stay close to the book and getting everything perfectly right will likely not work. The audience reaction will be strong and there will be a lot of talking about this movie for sure! I don’t think people will be pleased since they have high expectations of the movie but we’ll see how it turns out!”

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