Minions (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer (+SUPERBOWL ADS!)

The much anticipated spin-off to the Despicable Me franchise puts the hugely adored Minions on centre stage!

The film takes us to the dawn of time, where minions roam the world looking for the most evil overlord to serve – but they keep losing them! The minions fall into a state of depression with no one to serve, so Kevin, along with Stuart and little Bob head on a journey to find their next overlord. They end up finding Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock) the worlds first – and most blatantly named – female super-villain.

I am super excited to see this movie! It looks like it has kept hold of the magic the Minions had during the DM movies, but it also feels that now they are the movie themselves they will have more chances to shine! The only thing I’m anxious about with this movie is that some of that magic came from the sheer number of them, and how during the DM movies there would be a small group of them doing something stupid in the corner of the shot that would make you laugh. However, if there’s only the three of them for the majority of the film, then that means less stupid stuff (probably). Also, I think we’ll be preparing for some emotional scenes with Bob!

Set for release on the 26th June, this will be a sure-fire summer holidays hit!

For your amusement, here is the Minions Superbowl ad-spot from Sunday!

Still not as good as Liam Neeson though:

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