Ted 2 – Tuesday’s Trailer Review

The first film ends with the wedding of Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). Now the newlyweds want to have a baby, but before they are legally allowed Ted will have to prove in court that he is human – with the help of his buddy John (Mark Wahlberg) and lawyer Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried). Seyfried is theoretically taking over from Mila Kunis who is not in the sequel. If I remember rightly she turned down the sequel relatively early, which wouldn’t have helped MacFarlane and his co-writers – John proposed to Mila’s character Lori at the end of the first movie!

The plot may seem simple but I actually think it’s very clever. Most comedy sequels just copy-and-paste the plot from the original with a few alterations. However the idea here is actually pretty interesting, to prove that the talking Ted is human. Not that anyone really cares about the plot in this movie! Ted 2 lives and dies on the effectiveness of the pointless jokes that will be dotted around the film – the same recipe for MacFarlane’s Family Guy.

Looking at the jokes in the trailer – for me it’s a bit hit and miss. The general feel of the trailer is great, with the “fight the power” theme tune and everything else, but the actual jokes themselves are not all that great – I mean, “grr Mondays”? That was a thing nearer the first movie than this one, unless you’re about 30.

With that being said I am excited to see this, especially having seen Ted on TV about a week ago, but I’m unsure as to whether it will top the 2012 original. It is proven that MacFarlane has the potential to create painfully funny films, but with his more recent A Million Ways to Die in the West not being as well received the pressure is on for this to be a success. Set for release in America on 26th June 2015, with the UK release coming on the 10th July, this is probably going to be a hit at the summer box-office. The question is can be as popular with the public as the original – and as good as other sequels coming out this year (Hot Tub Time Machine/Paul Blart Mall Cop). That will be very much up for debate.

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