Edge of Tomorrow – Film Review

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)Edge of Tomorrow

Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

Directed by Doug Liman

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Edge of Tomorrow is the latest attempt at picturing the invasion of earth by aliens. This is by no means a classic, but has tried something fairly new and fresh, and was in fact a better watch than I expected.

Major William Cage (Cruise) is forced to fight in the first wave against the aliens. Having had no previous experience in combat, and the aliens turning the beach into a slaughter house, he is quickly killed – only to wake up back at the army base he was left at just yesterday. While on the beach fighting the aliens he makes contact with Rita Vrataski (Blunt), the acclaimed Angel of Verdun, who straight away knows what’s happening to him.

The story itself is good, but more importantly not completely serious. The obvious danger with a plot where the main guy keeps repeating the same day is repetitiveness (I know, right – who’d have funked it?). If they tried to be all serious about the fact that this man keeps dying then it would have got very samey and a bit tiresome. However, the films incorporates a comedy aspect into the deaths – less “oh god!” more “damn, not again”. Without this the film falls flat about halfway through because without the laughs the deaths don’t work, and without the constant killing of Tom Cruise the film doesn’t work at all. The story past that is not that great or detailed, which is to be expected really. That being said, the whole story of the ‘time-travel’, how it was acquired, how it was lost by Rita and how they work out techniques to explain it to each other is all very interesting to watch unfold. A lot of films have done aliens, and in many different shapes and forms – but as far as I know these particular ones are unique. These particular enemies seem to have the ability to almost shape-shift as they darted around fast like tumbling water – a cool way to look at alternative life-forms!mu1D2kAChaos1-sonic_adventure

Did anybody else think the Mimics in Edge of Tomorrow looked like a bigger, badder version of Chaos from the original Sonic Adventure videogames?

The acting performances by the two leads are okay, but no better than we have seen in their other films. Tom Cruise has done so many actions films by now that you know what you’re getting from him before you watch Edge of Tomorrow – exactly how you think he is in this film, that’s probably right. Emily Blunt was okay, but I’ve seen her do better than she has in this movie. At points she struggles to hold your attention, given that she isn’t really a support for Cruise – In my opinion their characters are on level footing for the majority of the film, but she is regularly made to look like a lesser character by Cruise’s demeanour.

The visuals in this film are quite remarkable, with plenty of beautiful scenes set in wonderful landscapes. The action was brilliantly played out and with plenty going on in most shots it is hard to take your eyes off – credit has to go to the CGI team here for the sheer amount of it, and how they manage to make it look so good! Technology these days, eh.

If you’re not into science fiction films and are just seeing this for Cruise and Blunt, then don’t expect fireworks. However if you are into sci-fi then this is a really good watch, because it is a twist on the usual ‘alien invasion/end of the world’ type story and the action and visuals more than hold up!

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