Kelly Clarkson – Piece By Piece (Album Review)

Kelly Clarkson was the first winner on the singing competition, “American Idol.” Over a decade later, the singer is still making music that people love to sing along to. No other American Idol winners except for county singer Carrie Underwood have come close to the success that Kelly Clarkson has. It’s actually pretty easy to forget where she started out since she’s known for being such a popular figure in the music industry. Her latest release Piece By Piece is a personal look at Clarkson’s life and how far she’s come. This is a great album and it shows longtime fans and/or critics of her that she’s not finished making her mark on music just yet.

Heartbeat Song is the big single off the album and it’s one of the most pop sounding songs of Kelly’s career. It’s a song that’s filled with passion and shows off the singers tremendous vocals. It’s an all around amazing song that’s sure to be a hit!

Run Run Run is an album highlight because we get to hear the singer with another respected artist: John Legend. The two both have two seperate soul sounding voices which sounds just even more incredible together. The blend of their two voices is really beautiful. The lyrics for this song are a little on the weak side but they sound so good together that it doesn’t matter all that much.

I wanted to talk about Take You High because it’s one of the most unique songs on the album. This is an EDM song which is an unusual direction for Clarkson to take. However, it’s awesome to see her changing things up and showing us that she can keep up with what’s popular in music and sound as incredible as ever while doing it.

“Be the reason you breathe,” sings Clarkson in this stunning power ballad. Her vocals are especially powerful and precise on this track. I know I’ve focused a lot on her voice but that’s a lot of what makes her different from some other pop stars. I haven’t talked much about her lyrics since they sort of all blend together and not much stands out to me personally. This song might be a little bit TOO preachy sounding, but the lyrics are very impressive as a whole!

Piece By Piece is the album title and also an extremely emotional song off the album. It sort of represents everything that she stands for as an artist. She’s previously had a number of songs about her father so most people know about their strained relationship. But she takes it a step further and gets more personal into the heart of their relationship when she mentions how her husband and herself are going to raise their own daughter much differently. “She will never have to wonder her worth because unlike you, I’m going to put her first.” I like that she makes it clear that she isn’t going to dwell on the mistakes her father made, she’s going to be a much better one. I think it’s a much stronger and hopeful song than the previous ones Clarkson’s released about her dad.

This isn’t Kelly Clarkson’s best album by any means. But it’s a solid release that shows us that the singer can still experiment with new styles and that she has grown so much lyrically. Her voice is as powerful as ever but her maturity is much more obvious. Clarkson is a singer who I’ve personally always enjoyed and I love seeing the awesome new albums that she puts out and this one didn’t disappoint.

Review written by Rachel Geiger.

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