Meghan Trainor – Title (Album Review)

Pop star Meghan Trainor scored a major hit with her song, “All About That Bass.” However, she showed that she was much more than just a one hit wonder with her debut album that was released back in January. She proved that she has the ability to combine many different genres. She has incredible range and a unique tone that sets her apart from other pop artists in the industry right now. Let’s look at some of the things that make this album tick properly!

I figured I ought to start with the biggest hit on this album. “All About That Bass” was an instant hit all over the country. There’s pretty much not one person on the planet that doesn’t know that song. The song is just so catchy, especially the chorus. It remains stuck in your head, regardless of whether or not you actually want the song in your head. Beyond the music, the lyrics alone send a positive message to the listeners. It’s hard not to love the message that Trainor is sending to girls and just the general public: to love your body regardless of the shape or what anyone else says about it.

The second single off of her debut album is the equally catchy, “Lips Are Movin’.” Just when audiences think that maybe this pop singer is just going to be a one hit wonder, she comes out with this one. Personally, I like it even better than the first song. I really love the whole production of it. Plus it has a great vintage vibe to it, combined with the incredibly catchy lyrics make it a pop hit.

Her third and latest single is “Dear Future Husband.” This is yet another pretty good song. This one is very upbeat and fun. It has some cliché lyrics thrown in there, but all around, it’s a good song that you can’t help but dance along with. The combination of music and lyrics in this song make it an all around amazing song that’s sure to continue topping pop charts.

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” is my personal favorite song on the album. It features a guest appearance by one of the biggest artists right now, R&B crooner John Legend. The singer-songwriter shines on this track and his voice meshes extremely well with Trainor. The lyrics are very beautiful, the chorus begins with, “So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you, I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye wherever we’re standing.” The lyrics give a little bit of insight into how beautiful and sentimental the song is as a whole. It all feels really heartfelt and I love how high Trainor’s voice gets in this track. It really gives her an opportunity to show off her vocal range.

The song “My Selfish Heart” is a sassy one from Meghan. It also feels more real and straight from the heart than some of the other dance and pop driven songs. It just feels like a song delivered by a true singer-songwriter which I think is territory that Trainor is going to be able to explore even deeper with her next couple of albums.

As a whole, this is an awesome debut album from Meghan Trainor. She’s an artist that’s filled with potential. She has showed tremendous success being a pop artist, but I also think that her experimenting with other genres as well could also be a big strength for her. If you haven’t listened to this album yet, then you should definitely check it out. If you have listened to it, give it another listen. She has such power to her voice and her songs are so catchy and fun! It’s totally worth the purchase, in my opinion anyway.

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