Pixels (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

Starring comedy veterans Adam Sandler and Kevin James, Pixels is War of the Worlds with a twist. When aliens misinterpret old style videogames as a declaration of war, they attack earth in the form of the old-fashioned videogames – including a giant Pacman and a Donkey Kong. President Will Cooper (James) enlists the help of childhood friend and videogame champion Sam Brenner (Sandler) along with a team of old-school videogamers to take down the pixellated enemy.

The main thing for this film is to find the right balance between it being a serious ‘battle for the earth’ film and being an Adam Sandler comedy. For me the trailer takes itself too seriously, but if the film is more fun and games then this could actually be a really good film! The idea is fun and will attract a bigger audience than most of Sandler’s comedies because it has bits that appeal to everyone.

Set for release on the 24th July in the States (the exact same day as teen-romance Paper Towns), and 12th August in the UK, this has a few big titles to contend against – Marvel’s Ant-Man is released the week before, for example – but it should still attract enough of a crowd to make the film worthwhile for everyone involved! Don’t expect this to be a surprise box-office hit though!

This film is actually inspired by a really awesome short film from 2010 of the same name. Check it out below!

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