10 Film Review – S

The other day I randomly checked to see how this blog was actually looking, and I noticed on the left hand side in the categories that we had now reviewed 10 films beginning with S! I thought that was pretty cool, personally.

Then I had an awesome idea… what if I posted a series of generic questions about films, and answered them with one of said 10 S’s? Wouldn’t that be neat?

So here it is, the first of hopefully 27 (alphabet + numbered movies, before you think I don’t know my ABC) ’10 Film Reviews’!

The 10 films reviewed so far by The Culture Cove are : Silver Lining’s Playbook, Sin City, SC: A Dame to Kill For, The Spectacular Now, Se7en, Snatch., Slumdog Millionaire, Short Term 12, Smashed and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

For the list of movies we’ve reviewed by letter, click in the categories on the left. To see our reviews for these films, click here.

Coolest Film – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
This is a film that really doesn’t take itself seriously. So there’s ninja boyfriends trying to kill me, so? Nobody really cares. Sin City came a close second, but Scott cares about himself less, so that get’s the win!

Best Story – Se7en
This was a close call between Snatch. and Se7en, but I had to give it to Andrew Kevin Walker for his detective thriller. Very clever and thought out, Se7en would be half the film it is if it wasn’t for Walker’s script, whereas Snatch. is much more character driven. Scott Pilgrim and The Spectacular Now also deserve mentions.

Most Moving Film – Slumdog Millionaire
I must say that I actually haven’t seen this as Rachel Geiger, our guest contributor, wrote this particular review. However, none of the other films are particularly moving, perhaps with the exception of Short Term 12. This, along with the fact that I know a lot of people were moved by Slumdog Millionaire, means this gets the award!

Is award the right word? Honour maybe? I dunno. I’ll wing it.

Most Entertaining Film – Snatch.
This film is just a mix of stupid characters with guns and dangerous people with guns, and it all crashes fantastically in a race for the diamond. Very funny (although it might be British humour), very silly, but also with enough grit and blood for it to be taken seriously as a proper British crime film. The Sin City films were a close second, and Scott Pilgrim was in with a shout again, but Snatch. was always going to win this for me!

Best Actor in a Film – Morgan Freeman – Se7en
A perfect example of one of the finest examples doing what he does best. The quiet, unassuming man in the know is a character the Freeman has made his own over the years, and his performance in Se7en is one of the finest examples of why he’s the go-to man for a role like this. Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper are also worth a mention, but in my mind this was never really close.

Best Actress in a Film – Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook
Needless to say that Lawrence’s Oscar winning performance was pretty incredible. Full of emotion, Tiffany Maxwell is a challenging, developing character – and there’s no moment in this film when Jennifer Lawrence isn’t doing her justice. Shout outs also go to Mary Elizabeth-Winstead and Shailene Woodley in Smashed and The Spectacular Now respectively, who also produced very good performances, but neither was as complex as Lawrence’s.

Best Hero – Grace – Short Term 12
Sin City and Scott Pilgrim are the only films here with stereotypical heroes. If I was going to give it to a stereotypical hero it would have to be Scott, however the best hero in my eyes is Grace, the 20 year old counsellor from Short Term 12 for how she saves the young kids from their inner demons.

Best Villain – Se7en
I forget his name, but Kevin Spacey’s serial killer in Se7en has to be one of the best villains out there. Unknown and deadly, he is the centrepiece of the film without being there. There wasn’t many other good villains to choose form here, but there was one key reason behind this decision – he is one of very few evil villains that win.

Best Couple – Sutter Keely & Aimee Finecky – The Spectacular Now
Cliché high-school sweethearts this is not. They are two very real, very believable characters portrayed by two of Hollywood’s best young actors. It might not have the entertainment value of Scott and Ramona, and might not be as luvvy-duvvy as Pat and Tiffany – but it is very real, and very felt. Plus the two actors have more chemistry than their two rival couples, which is why they win this round!

Best Character – Jayden – Short Term 12
This might not be the biggest character, but the way she is introduced into the film and blows it wide open is unlike much else I’ve seen. Plus the acting by Kaitlyn Dever is excellent, and beside her impact on the film, her character on its own is intriguing. Other characters worth a mention include Wallace from Scott Pilgrim (real funny), Spacey’s serial killer from Se7en whose name escapes me (evil) and Dwight from Sin City (oozing cool), but I can’t think of anyone outside the leads that throws a film as much as Jayden.

Best Film
Now this is close! I realise now that a lot of my favourite films begin with S! My favourite crime film is Snatch., my favourite romance is The Spectacular Now, but Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is still my favourite film of all time. Just all out fun, with a legitimate teen love story behind it. Still the best.

Most Titles – Se7en
Winning best story, best actor and best villain, Se7en claimed more than any other film. Short Term 12 and Scott Pilgrim came second with two each, but Smashed and the two Sin City movies didn’t claim any!

Best not reviewed
This is a question for you, the lovely followers of The Culture Cove! Comment below what S’s are missing from this site, and the best movie will get reviewed!

What did you think of this ’10 Film Review’? Disagree with us, or have any other questions we could ask? Comment below and we’ll include any other questions!

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