Johnnyswim – Diamond (Album Review)

Duo Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez both have beautiful voices on their own but they definitely sound better together. The way their voices naturally blend together is a pretty awesome thing. The Nashville pair has only released this one full length album (aside from their Christmas album) and so I felt like it was worth talking about.

The album starts out with the title track, “Diamonds.” It’s a fun, even inspirational track that just makes you want to go out and do something semi-productive. “In the wake of every heartache, in the depth of every fear. There were diamonds, diamonds, waiting to break out of here.” It’s a sweet and honest song that really introduces listeners to the folk/indie vibe to the duo’s music.

“Live While We’re Young” is a ballad like track. The reason why I like it so much is because of Sudano’s strong vocals. Amanda has quite the musical background, her mom was the classic disco queen Donna Summer. Amanda has a soulful sounding voice that certainly stands out. My only problem with the track is that I’d like to see more harmonies and the two being more of a duo than just one of them singing at a time. The lyrics are also very solid. “While you pray for revival, I’m already livin in one. I won’t pass up on the danger, I’d miss out on the fun.”

I thought it’d be good to note “Take The World” because the duo really blends together well on this track. There isn’t one of them completely taking the lead vocals, they pretty much do it together. Some of the lyrics are sort of corny, but the vocals are nice to listen to.

“When two hearts on fire collide, call the preacher when the sparks will fly,” is a line from “You & I,” an upbeat track from the duo. This song is nice to see since it seemed to be just ballad after ballad. It was also an opportunity to see them not only blend together, but also get some fun background vocals involved in mixing up the sound and making it fun and easygoing.

Although I considered “You & I” to be an upbeat track, it’s still no match for “Home.” In my opinion, this is undoubtedly the best song on the album by a long shot. I also think that they need to have more songs like this one on their albums in the future. The use of different instruments and sounds makes it so easy going and uptempo. It’s such a fun song that it’s next to impossible not to dance along with. This song shows potential from the duo and also what types of songs they should be making more of.

I think this album was a really fun one that shows the potential and ability that this duo has. They undeniably work extremely well as a duo and that’s always an important thing to have. The ballad songs on this record show off their individual vocals but I found myself enjoying the fun indie folk sounding tracks that you could just tap your feet or dance along to the music. I look forward to hearing more from Johnnyswim in the future!

Album review by Rachel Geiger.

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