Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack (Album Review)

I’ve never reviewed a soundtrack and due to the limited releases lately, the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack seemed like the best option. We’ve talked about the two Pitch Perfect movies more than a few times on the blog so why not keep up the trend? Since the film is about a college ‘a capella’ group, music plays a huge part in the overall plot. This might be one of the few exceptions where you should know some of the plot to follow along with the music. Luckily, the soundtrack actually flows pretty well.

There’s a few new songs on this album. On the first, there was no original music, the girls just covered songs. However, they did cover some unknown songs and help increase their popularity. So on this release, they had a lot to live up to. One of the songs already receiving attention is a song that was made specifically for this film by Jessie J called “Flashlight.” The a capella group, The Barden Bellas, also cover the track themselves on the soundtrack as well. This is an inspirational song that’s a fun power ballad filled with interesting lyrics. This version bellow is the original Jessie J track. I personally prefer it because of Jessie J’s strong vocals but the Barden Bella’s show awesome harmony throughout.

If you’ve seen the first Pitch Perfect, you might agree that the Riff Off is one of the highlights of the film musically speaking. (besides the championship and the Cups song, of course) So it’s both a good and bad idea to feature this in the sequel as well. This one actually fares pretty well with the original Riff Off, it has a lot of different tracks from a variety of different genres. I like the balance of both hip-hop songs and country songs, as well as pop hits sprinkled in there for good measure.

This is the Barden Bellas World Championship song. Again, I can’t help but compare it to the last movie. The championship moment in the first movie was impressive due to how many songs they were able to mix together. This song doesn’t have as nearly as many songs featured, but the harmonies are still apparent. It’s a big moment in this film as well and it still works fairly naturally.

“Crazy Youngsters” is a track by singer-songwriter Ester Dean, who also stars in the film. Dean has written and produced some of the biggest pop hits by artists like Rihanna and Katy Perry. This song is probably not going to be a big hit like some of her other songs but it’s still catchy and fun to dance along with. The music video also features the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 so that’s a selling point for the song/video. The lyrics aren’t the most complex but it’s nice to see Dean’s work in a film she’s also starring in.

There’s a lot of differences between this soundtrack and the last Pitch Perfect soundtrack. One thing I majorly noticed was this album seems to be of a lesser quality. It sounds like they just took the tracks straight from the film and didn’t go in and record them. However, they did in fact record the first one. This might just be a minor thing that most people aren’t going to notice. All in all, I think that they did the best they could following the success of the first album. Pitch Perfect 2 is now in theatres everywhere and the album is available on iTunes.

 Review by Rachel Geiger

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