Hozier – Hozier (Album Review)


This album has been out for almost a year now, but it still is a great album to revisit. Hozier is an incredible musician with a unique and soulful sound. Although none of these songs are completely unfamiliar to many people, it’s still a nice album to revisit and breakdown.

One of the hidden gems of Hozier’s debut album is “Work Song.” This one hasn’t received as much hype as “Take Me To Church” did, but it’s still a great sound that’s really distinguished as belonging to Hozier. The lyrics alone are very clever and they catch on easily. Lyrics such as, “Cause my baby’s sweet as can be, she’d gives me toothaches just from kissing me.” It’s an amazing song as a whole and I just really love it.

“Cherry Wine” is a track that’s soft and filled with emotion. It’s a lot more of a ballad than the majority of these other songs on the album. The lyrics are deep and dark, something that sticks with you long after you first listen to it. It’s a difficult song to describe, but it’s something simply extremely beautiful.

“There’s something tragic about you, something so magic about you, don’t you agree,” sings Hozier on “From Eden.” This one is filled with tremendous amounts of imagery and it alludes to the Bible. He continues with, “I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door.” This track has a more edgy rock vibe to it than some of the others. This allows it to stand out and be memorable as a whole.

“Like Real People Do” is a track sort of similar to the general sound of “Cherry Wine.” However, it also has those same well written lyrics courtesy of Andrew Hozier-Byrne. The lyrics are just creative in a way that is hard to put into words so I’ll just write out a few of them to show as an example. “So I will not ask you where you came from, I would not ask and neither should you. Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips. We should just kiss like real people do.”

There’s not much to say about “Take Me To Church” that hasn’t already been said at some point in time. It’s a song that became a hit pretty much over night. It’s hard to pin point exactly what made this song so popular. However, I’d probably say a large part of this is due to the general music, explosive chorus, and how unique this sound is. The song begins with the lyric, “My lover’s got humor, she’s the giggle at a funeral. Knows everybody’s disapproval, should’ve worshiped her sooner.” How can you not love this track? Even in spite of all the hype behind it.

Album review written by Rachel Geiger.

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