Legend (2015) – Tuesday’s Trailer

The aptly named Legend hands Tom Hardy both starring roles in this British crime film. An actor that’s made a big enough name for himself already, this could quite possibly be a career defining moment for the London-born actor!

First of all, to me this looks like an awesome film! I’m a big fan of the British crime film – the accents, the humour, it all sits well with me. I think, looking at the trailer, this is more than just the Tom Hardy show, which is the impression I got with the posters and everything else. Yes, he’s playing both of the main characters simultaneously, but there is a legitimate script and story that gives Legend a bit more weight.

That being said, there’s a lot of people excited to see Tom Hardy here. For an actor to play both starring roles in a film where they are both on camera at the same time for the majority of the film, that’s something I’ve never seen before and I’m super excited to see if he can pull it off! I did criticise Hardy’s English accent in crime film Layer Cake, but he does sound a lot better with that in this film. There’s no denying that Hardy is one of the finer actors performing right now, and if he delivers two great performances here then he might make a legend of his own!

Past Hardy, there’s a strong cast that could excel in this film. The ones that will stand out to the global audience will be Taron Egerton, fresh from his starring role in the hugely successful Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Emily Browning, a well-respected Australian actress that hasn’t really pushed past starring in B-films even though many would say she could. I get the impression with these that they’re both only one or two strong performances away from possibly landing a career-defining role, so this could be a big film for the both of them!

It almost goes under the radar that this film is written and directed by Brian Helgeland, an Oscar winner for his work on the screenplay of 1997’s L.A. Confidential and another nomination for 03’s Mystic River. This is obviously a very successful and experienced writer, so expect a solid script for this film. As far as directing goes there’s nothing really that stands out except that the last film he wrote and directed was baseball autobiographical film 42, which like this is based on real-life events.

Set for release on 11th September in the UK, and 2nd October in the USA (and can I say it’s about time a film was released in the UK before the US, it always seems to swing the other way!) I am very excited to see this film! Sure, it probably wont be as good as some of the British crime classics, such as Snatch. and Lock, Stock etc., but hopefully it will be able to find its own place in the prestigious history of British crime cinema.

In terms of box office, I honestly have no idea how this’ll do. Legend is released on the same day in the UK as Maze Runner: Scorch Trails, and a few days after young adult film Dope, but these aren’t really for the same audience as Legend so it won’t have direct competition. However, any big film released at the same time is competition nonetheless.

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