Steve Aoki – Neon Future II (Album Review)

Steve Aoki has become a pretty big name in the electronic music world. This follow-up to the mesmerizing first part of Neon Future, is a lot darker than what we’re used to seeing from him. That being said, I think this album explores more genres and styles that none of his other music has managed to do. This is an artistic and creative album that I personally really enjoyed listening to.

“I Love It When You Cry” is a fun dance track that sends nothing but good vibes. I love the lead vocals from Moxie Raia, the artists voice was perfect for this song. This is a track that fans are definitely going to be talking about. A lot of the other songs on Neon Future II are dark so this is a refreshing change of pace for this producer.

Steve Aoki collaborates with many famous artists from all types of genre. So it shouldn’t be all that surprising that he collaborates here with  Snoop Dogg. His track is called “Youth Dem (Turn Up)” and it’s strange hearing an artist most known for his rap songs take on an EDM style which he also fuses with reggae. One line in particular is very funny and intriguing: “And I feel right at home ‘cause I been smoking my Jamaican.” It’s unlikely that this will ever be a mainstream popular song, it’s just too out there to fit into that genre, but the track is still a bold and fascinating move.

One of the best collaborations on this album is with nu metal band Linkin Park. Their presence isn’t exactly surprising considering they’ve previously released the song “A Light That Never Comes” with Aoki. The new track is called “Darker Than Blood,” which is appropriately titled. The vocals on this track are pure emotion, something that Aoki hasn’t previously explored to this degree, but it works for him. I found myself instantly loving this track, and I’m hoping for more collaborations between these two diverse groups of musicians. Warning: the lyric video below is extremely trippy and mesmerizing, which can be quite the combination.

This is one of my shorter reviews because I’m so busy right now and this is really all I have time for. But, this is a whirlwind of an album. The completed album is a well-assembled group of tracks that Aoki continually makes changes and adjustments to. He also uses more vocal performances than ever, only enhancing the point he is trying to get across. Aoki is an artist who has created a unique follow-up album that shouldn’t be missed by both fans and those unfamiliar with his previous work. There is something for everyone here.

Album review by Rachel Geiger

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